After spending a vast amount of my career freelancing within varying design agencies and studios, I soon realised there was a certain type of character that works within them.

I’ve been fortunate to work with 30+ companies to date and despite the variation, I discovered you always seem to come across certain similarities in people and scenarios.

I have always wanted to give something back to the industry that I love so much, yet never really knew how. There were certain avenues I could have gone down, but none ever felt right... Until now.

I was casually talking with some work colleagues when it dawned on me. I need to make a comic which looks at life in an agency, in a playful way of course. 

Growing up, I have always loved comics and cartoons and at numerous times in my life have felt the urge to create something, only for life to get in the way.

This idea had really stuck with me and I made it my mission to get the characters and ideas in place, so that I could at least try and make it a success.

I originally created the core characters in the summer of last year. I was constantly talking to friends and colleagues about ideas and storylines. From these discussions the concept seemed to grow so organically and before long I had more than enough content to get the ball rolling.

I ended up releasing the first strips via Instagram (at the moment), earlier this year.

So far the reaction has been amazing. The whole concept is for anyone who has experienced a creative environment and for them to look at these over exaggerated scenarios and relate to them. Every day we go through certain challenges as creatives and I just want to step back from the situations we get ourselves in and laugh at them.

Before anyone asks (and boy have they), the characters aren’t based on anyone in particular. They are just an amalgamation of people I have experienced in my working career.

Below are some of the characters and examples of the strips from the collection. The aim is to update it every week or two.

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All designs and concepts are strictly copyright ©Dan Bailey 2018. Please ask before using any of my content.

The Agency Comic by UK based designer and Illustrator

The Agency Comic by UK based designer and Illustrator