Recently, I was approached to work on a badge/identity concept for an upcoming US Summer Camp.

The camp was for 5-10 year olds and had a superhero theme. The organisers wanted to have an underlying message of unity and to emphasise the benefits of working together, which was part of the key learnings from the camp this year.

My client wanted the badge to showcase a scene from a story created especially for the camp by one of the organisers. It was to introduce the characters (originally in a subtle way), to create intrigue and excitement. Although we ended up replacing them with more dynamic poses. The designs are based on character profiles created by the story author.

Below I have included some of my process work to show the stages I would go through when approaching a project like this.

I started by loosely visualising compositions and once we had one agreed, I then started developing the characters and final concepts.

Initial compositions

TGA scamps by UK-designer and illustrator Dan Bailey
TGA scamps by UK-designer and illustrator Dan Bailey

After the original compositions were supplied, we discussed character designs and we started developing the below...

Character designs

Once the characters were agreed, we could then return to the main composition of the badge and refine the final layout.

Developed compositions

Final design... Or was it?

A slight twist

After reviewing the design we agreed that although this was showing unity between the characters, we needed to add a little energy and excitement, as it was feeling a little static.

This lead to the new poses being agreed and the concept being revised slightly.