So, it has been a while since Rubber Penguin has had its own home. Too long in fact.

But today we can rejoice as RP is back up and running and is no longer being redirected to my personal site.

I have constantly wrestled with the idea of housing my work under my own name or RP, but I have now taken the first steps into making it a long term transition. At the moment it works for me to have a personal folio for the freelance studio/agency work I do, though with me getting more and more direct client work I have an opportunity to start housing this part of my business under RP. Which in turn aligns with my social presence.

It was always my intention to run both Rubber Penguin and my personal Dan Bailey sites, but finding time to maintain both got the better of me.

Going forward I am planning to share more new work and content through RP and update the projects as I go along.

You may notice that there are a few additional blog posts sat behind this one, despite me saying that the site has just launched. Well, to get the ball rolling I decided to import in a few of my old posts from my personal site. Some of these may stay, but others mat disappear in time. 

I am available for creative bookings/briefings and any other challenges you can put my way, well, maybe not 'any'. If you have any questions about a potential project or my availability, just get in touch.

So come back soon, but better still, why not get in touch and say hi.