For those of you that have visited my blog before, you may have noticed it is looking a little lighter than it used to.

Over the years I have blogged sporadically, mainly about work and my creations. I used it more as a window to showcase what I had been producing, but as platforms like Instagram became larger and more accessible I began to switch my focus to these.

It resulted in me neglecting my blog and eventually removing it from my site for a brief period.

After a lot of thought, I made a decision to bring it back, though with a clean slate.

I have decided to archive some of the posts and basically start again, though this time with a focus to write content of more value.

Now don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with posting previews of your work on your blog, but for me personally I’d like to provide posts with more insight. I want to share my views, experiences and processes, which I hope people can take a little from.

I have already started removing some of the old posts and plan to filter out more over the coming weeks. You may also notice some of the formatting differs from my earlier posts to my more current. That is due to me changing my WordPress theme which has then had a knock-on effect to the older content. I will in time look through and amend what I can, but please bear with me on this.

I will still post my art from time to time if a special project arises, but for now please check out my social platforms to see what I’ve been up to.