As 2019 hits us, I want to start by wishing you all a Happy New Year.

With the new year upon us, it can be seen as a time to set new goals and challenges. Personally, I try not to let time define when or how I set my targets, but like so many I can see how the beginning of a new year can signify a fresh start.

2018 had been good to me and I was incredibly proud of what I achieved. I was busy with freelance work and commissions, though I could see how towards the end of the year I was becoming a little burnt out. I hit autopilot mode towards the latter months and concentrated on finishing the projects I had started, rather than beginning fresh ones.

Mentally my mind was feeling pretty exhausted and so I knew it was time to step away from things for a while. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to be able to have an extended break over the festive season and get myself refreshed for what looks to be an exciting year ahead.

I went into last year a little apprehensive, I guess. I had gone back into freelance after what had been four years in a full-time role and needed to prove to myself that I was still capable. It is so easy to get comfortable in a job and so it was vital for me to be pushed and challenged.

I ended up working for some amazing clients and agencies throughout 2018, which not only instilled confidence in me, but I also felt myself developing in other areas.

I worked on some fantastic national campaigns, for a variety of clients and I was also able to spend a lot more time working on illustration projects. Which was one of the goals I had set out to achieve.

One of the highlights was a project which I hope to share soon. I can't reveal too much yet, but it something I am immensely proud of. Not only for the project itself, but also as I have had to do all of the project management/admin that goes along with it. Something that you don't generally have to do when you work within an agency environment – something you can easily take for granted. More on that project soon and so watch this space.

With last year done and dusted, I want to keep on top of the positives and concentrate on achieving new goals. I feel it is always good to challenge yourself and try and learn new skills where and when you can. In the past I have had issues with overworking myself, and so this year I need to try and tame that side of my personality to allow me to have fun and learn new things; be it software, a craft or something else. I do have plans in my head of what I want to achieve and so it is on me to take up the challenge and push myself. I have come to realise that it is easy to grasp every paid job that comes your way, but without allowing yourself time to grow you will only get so far.

With that said, I need to start planning some personal projects and look into some tutorials to help me take that next step.

Happy New Year!

Photography is © Vashishtha Jogi