Arete Rebrand

Arete are an outdoors education centre based in Caernarfon, north Wales. They had recently taken complete ownership of the centre away from their local council and were looking to rebrand.

The region is full of similar companies and so it was important it stood out from its competitors and became the go-to place for outdoor adventures.



Art Direction
Campaign Layout

Arete breakdown-01

It was vital to create an identity that was bold, strong and which reflected the character of the business.

The Welsh mountains are at the heart of the region and company and so trying to incorporate them into the logo was a necessity. I looked at dissecting the ‘A’ from Arete, so that it emulated the brand and the mountains. The bold shape allows you to use it as a standalone image or as a graphic device to hold imagery. When placed over an image, the icon acts as a window to the great outdoors. Something I wanted to emphasise.

The identity was then rolled out across print and digital materials. 

Arete_Final Logos-01
Arete Business Cards

The rebrand proved to be incredibly successful and the centre is now not only one of the most popular across the region, but also UK-wide.

Arete website
Arete phone

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